Man pages for DEIB-GECO/RGMQL
GenoMetric Query Language for R/Bioconductor

aggr-classAGGREGATES object class constructor
aggregateMethod aggregate
arrangeMethod arrange
collectMethod collect
compile_queryCompile GMQL query
condition_eval_funcCondition evaluation functions
coverMethod cover
cover-param-classPARAM object class constructor
delete_datasetDelete dataset
distal-classDISTAL object class constructor
download_datasetDownload Dataset
executeGMQL Function: EXECUTE
export_gmqlCreate GMQL dataset from GRangesList
extendMethod extend
filterMethod filter
filter_and_extractFilter and extract function
group_byMethod group_by
import_gmqlCreate GRangesList from GMQL dataset
init_gmqlInit GMQL server
login_gmqlLogin to GMQL
log_jobShow a job log or trace
logout_gmqlLogout from GMQL
mapMethod map
mergeMethod merge
operator-classOPERATOR object class constructor
ordering-classOrdering functions
read-functionFunction read
register_gmqlRegister into remote GMQL
remote_processingDisable or Enable remote processing
run_queryRun a GMQL query
sample_metadataShow metadata list from dataset sample
sample_regionShow regions data from a dataset sample
save_querySave GMQL query
selectMethod select
semijoinSemijoin condition
setdiffMethod setdiff
show_datasetShow datasets
show_jobs_listShow all jobs
show_queries_listShow all queries
show_samples_listShow dataset samples
show_schemaShow dataset schema
stop_gmqlStop GMQL server
stop_jobStop a job
takeMethod take
unionMethod union
upload_datasetUpload dataset
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