Man pages for DanielSprockett/reltools
Microbiome Amplicon Analysis and Visualization

add_alpha_diversityAdds alpha diversity metrics to a 'phyloseq' object.
add_lowest_rankAdds 'lowest_rank' to a phyloseq object
add_mdiAdds Microbial Dysbiosis Index to a phyloseq object
add_nsafNormalize protein abundances by 'NSAF'
fit_sncmFits 'sncm' to an OTU table
make_distance_dfCreates a data.frame of pairwise distances from a 'phyloseq'...
merge_protein_replicatesMerge Protein Replicates
plot_ordered_barbar plot ordered across samples
plot_sncm_fitplots the fit of an OTU table to 'sncm'
reltoolsreltools: Microbiome Amplicon Analysis and Visualization.
save_fastaoutputs a FASTA file from a phyloseq object
theme_relmanA custom theme for the Relman Lab
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