Man pages for DavidBarke/QWUtils
Useful Methods For Programming with Shiny

actionButtonQWCreate a themed actionButton
actionItemAction item
actionSubItemAction Subitem Create a 'menuSubItem'-like 'actionButton'...
all_effectsAll possible effects for a simple linear model between...
checked_text_inputChecked text input
collapsible_tabBoxCollapsible tab box
ContentElementContent Element
ContentListContent List
control_chart_functionControl Chart Functions
control_line_valueCompute control line values
count_directory_linesCount the lines of all scripts inside a directory
count_function_linesCount lines of a function definition
count_package_linesCount the lines of all functions in a loaded package
data_selector_column_dropdownDropdown for column actions
data_selector_dataset_dropdownDropdown for dataset actions
data_selector_group_dropdownDropdown for group actions
doe_contour_plotContour Plot
doe_effect_plotEffect Plot
doe_interaction_plotInteraction Plot
doe_pareto_plotPareto Plot
doe_surface_plotSurface Plot
dot-labelList with common labels.
expand_listEasy way to add an empty list to a list
factors_to_formula_factoryFactory generating a formula for multiple linear regression
factors_to_formula_textGenerate formula for multiple linear regression
fallbackHandle NULL with fallback value
find_codeFind scripts containing specific code
firstupTurn the first letter of a string in upper case
handle_funHandle a value that might be a function
label_langCreate label in multiple languages
label_lang_listCreate choices for shiny inputs in multiple languages
length_attr-setGuarantee that attribute has the same length as the object.
maprangeMap value from a previous to a new range
multiple_actionItemCreate multiple actionItem
multiple_actionSubItemCreate multiple actionSubItem
NodeStore the session object of modules
null_funFunction returning NULL
numeric_to_vector_textConvert numeric to string
object_listGet name and type of objects from all the scripts of a...
object_namesGet the names of all objects assigned in an R script
observed_vector_inputObserved vector input
package_functionsGet the name of all functions in a loaded package
reactive_memberReactive member
replace_codeReplace Code
script_pathsGet paths of R scripts
searchInputQWSearch Input
significance_inputInput module for level of significance
single_renameHandle the rename of a name
source_directorySource files recursively
two_factor_formulaGet a string representing a simple linear model two-factor...
vector_text_to_numericConvert string to numeric
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