Man pages for DavidGarciaCallejas/DGC
David Garcia-Callejas' functions trophic level category
AssignTrophicLevelAssign trophic levels and abundances to a set of species
cbPalettecolor-blind palette
ColorVectorsVectors of colors for figures
facetAdjustAdjust x-axis on facet_wrap
GenerateLabelDfGenerate labels for Tukey test analyses
GenerateProbNumbersSample positions from a given probability density...
GenerateSignMatrixGenerate sign matrix
GetCommunitySizeGet the size of a community in each cell of a grid
GetIndexdplyr equivalent to which
GetInteractionsProbReturn probabilities of occurrence of different interaction...
grid_arrange_shared_legenddraw several plots with only one common legend
ImpactMatrixCalculate impact matrices from abundance data
InteractionFrequencyInteraction Frequency of a pairwise interaction
InteractionStrengthInteraction strength of a pairwise interaction
LinMapRemap a vector to a determined range
MaxLinksMaximum number of links for every interaction type
ModeFunction for calculating the mode of a vector
multiplotDraw multiple ggplot objects
PairwiseCorrelationComputes the correlation of a pairwise interaction strength...
palette.valuesColors I usually use
PlantLogisticLogistic function for plant responses
plfunc.2Power law sampling
plot_crayonsIllustration of crayon colors
PotentialLinksCalculate the number of potential links on a given community
scale_colour_PublicationAuxiliary color scale for theme_Publication
scale_fill_PublicationAuxiliary fill scale for theme_Publication
theme_PublicationTheme for publication
WithinTypeProbProbabilities of occurrence of interaction types across...
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