Man pages for DavideMassidda/testing
Psychometric Testing

age.characterAge Conversion: from Numeric to Character
age.completedAge Calculation
age.numericAge Conversion: from Character to Numeric
age.segmentAge Segmentation
average.rAverage Reliability Coefficient
bubble.plotBubble Plot
cronbach.alphaCronbach's alpha
cronbach.strataStratified Cronbach's Alpha
driveSecure Drive Project
dropitemInternal Consistency Reliability
entropyEntropy Index
explodeScore Explosion
fisher.zFisher's z transformation
implodeScore Implosion
is.continuousCheck for Continuous Vectors
is.monotonicCheck for Monotonic Vectors
item.shuffleItem Shuffling
item.splitSplit Items
knn.imputeMissing Data Replacement by k-Nearest Neighbour
kr20Kuder-Richardson Formula 20
likert.countsLikert Scale Frequencies
na.imputeMissing Data Imputation
normalizeVector Rescaling
parallelParallel Analysis
perc2stdPercentile Conversion
prankPercentile Rank
rawscoreFrom Standard Scores to Raw Scores
reverseItem Reversing
roc.curveROC Curve
roc.tableReceiver Operating Characteristic
rollupScore Intervals
roundingRounding of Numbers
se.measureStandard Error of Measurement
sim.attitudeRaRandom Responses for Attitude Tests
splithalfSplit-Half Reliability
std2percStandard Scores Conversion
stdscoreFrom Raw Scores to Standard Scores
write.fwfExport Data in a Fixed-Width Format
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