Man pages for Deleetdk/kirkegaard

a4me_cohen_dAdjust Cohen's d for measurement error
add_newlinesInsert newlines into text every nth character.
all_elements_the_sameCheck whether all elements of a list are identical
all_the_sameAre all elements of a vector the same?
alternateMerge vectors by alternating elements.
are_equalAre objects equal?
as_num_matrixConvert a data.frame to a numeric matrix, including factors.
browse_ifBrowse if equal to
browse_if_equalsBrowse if equal to
cache_objectCache object
check_if_inCheck whether object is in a list/vector
combine_upperlowerCombine upper and lower part of a matrix.
conditional_changeChange values conditionally
copy_namesCopy names from one object to another.
cor_matrixCorrelation matrix
df_add_affixAdd affix to column names.
df_add_deltaAdd delta columns to a data.frame.
df_add_idAdd ID column to data.frame
df_as_numConvert convertible columns in a data.frame to numeric.
df_colFuncApply function to columns of a data.frame
df_fct_splitSplit factors into multiple columns
df_flexsubsetSubset a data.frame flexibilly
df_gather_by_patternGather by pattern
df_legalize_namesLegalize variable names for data frame
df_merge_colsMerge columns
df_merge_rowsMerge rows in data.frame.
df_no_list_colsRemove list columns
df_rankRank numeric variables of a data frame.
df_removeRemove variables from a data.frame
df_remove_NA_varsRemove NA columns
df_renameRename variables in a data.frame
df_reorder_columnsReorder columns in a data.frame by name
df_residualizeResidualized data.frame.
df_roundRound numeric variables of a data frame.
df_rowFuncCalculate summary statistics by rows in a data.frame.
df_sortSort a data.frame by one or more variables. Can sort by...
df_standardizeStandardize data.frame
df_subset_by_patternSubset by pattern
df_tTranspose data.frame
df_to_ldfTransform data.frame to a list of data.frames
df_to_vTransform data.frame to vector
df_var_tableMake variable table
discretizeDiscretize a variable
exclude_missingExclude missing datapoints
extract_lastSubset object using Python's negative indexing
extract_nonnum_varsExtract non-numerical variables
extract_num_varsExtract numerical variables
fa_all_methodsFactor analyze with all methods
fa_CAFLMixedness detection with a change in absolute factor loadings...
fa_CFSReturns a numerical vector of the change in the size of the...
fa_congruence_matrixCalculate congruence coefficient matrix.
fail_ifFail conditionally
fail_if_NAFail if input contains NA
fa_Jensens_methodScatter plot of Jensen's method
fa_loadingsGet loadings from a factor analysis object.
fa_MARCalculates the mean absolute residual at the case-level.
fa_mixednessCalculate mixedness metrics
fa_nfactorsDetermine number of factors
fa_plot_loadingsPlot factor loadings
fa_rank_faRank order factor analysis
fa_residualsFind residuals on case-level basis for all indicators in a...
fa_robust_cormatrixRobust correlation matrix
fa_robust_faRobust factor analysis.
fa_splitsample_repeatRepeated splithalf reliability with factor analysis
fill_inFill in values in a vector
find_cutoffFind a cutoff of a normal distribution that results in a...
find_duplicatesFind duplicated elements
format_digitsFormat number of digits
get_dimsGet dimensions of object.
get_each_subset_minus_1Get every subset of the data where one case is missing.
get_prop_tableCut into bins and get proportions
get_t_valueGet t value by confidence-level and degree of freedom
GG_contingency_tablePlot a contingency table with ggplot2
GG_denhistHistogram with an empirical density curve
GG_forestPlot a contingency table with ggplot2
GG_funnelFunnel plot with ggplot2
GG_group_meansggplot2 with group means and error bars.
GG_kmeansScatter plot with kmeans clustering
GG_saveSave a ggplot2 figure
GG_save_pdfSave list of ggplot2 objects to single pdf
GG_scatterScatter plot with regression line and correlation information...
GG_textAdd text to a ggplot
grapes-equals-grapesEquality infix operator
group_by_patternGroup by pattern
has_namesDoes object have names?
helper_breaksAugment logarithmic values with intuitive additional breaks
homogeneityCalculate homogeneity/heterogeneity
is_Check whether object is the right class, size and type
is_betweenCheck whether numbers are between two other numbers.
is_errorIs an object a try-error?
is_logicalIs logical?
is_negativeAre values negative?
is_numericIs object thoroughly numeric?
is_numeric_by_colCheck numericalness by column.
is_positiveAre values positive?
is_scalarIs scalar?
is_scalar_NAIs scalar NA?
is_simple_vectorIs object a simple vector?
is_unordered_factorIs object an unordered factor?
is_whole_numberIs vector a whole number?
is_zeroAre values zero?
last_valueLast value
ldf_to_dfTransform list of data.frames to a data.frame.
lengths_matchDo the objects have the same lengths?
make_list_arrayCreate list-array
MAT_divide_rowwiseDivide a matrix or df row-wise by a vector
MAT_find_sizeDetermine the dimensions of a symmetric matrix from the...
MAT_halfGet half of a matrix.
MAT_half2fullHalf to full matrix
math_to_functionConvert a half-complete math condition to a function.
matrixplot2Wrapper for matrixplot()
MAT_vector2fullReconstructs a symmetric matrix based on a vector of values...
mean_abs_diffCalculate mean absolute difference for values in a vector
merge_datasetsImproved dataset merger function
merge_datasets_multiMerge multiple datasets at once, improved version.
merge_vectorsMerge vectors.
meta_extract_dataExtract data from 'rma' object
meta_pcurveP-curve plot with ggplot2
meta_TIVAFunnel plot with ggplot2
miss_add_randomInsert random NAs into a data.frame.
miss_amountHow much data is missing?
miss_analyzeMissing data dependencies
miss_by_caseMissing datapoint counter, case-level
miss_by_groupCalculate proportion missing data by group variables
miss_by_varMissing datapoint counter, variable-level
miss_complexityCalculate the complexity of missing data
miss_countCount missing data
miss_filterFilter data by missing values per row.
miss_imputeImpute data using VIM::irmi
miss_matrixMissing data matrix
miss_patternCalculates the patterns of missing data
miss_plotMissing data barplot with ggplot2.
MOD_add_str_to_formulaAdd terms to a formula from character vector
MOD_APSLMFit all possible simple linear models
MOD_etasGet etas from analysis of variance
MOD_k_fold_r2Calculate k fold cross validated r2
MOD_LASSORepeatedly run
MOD_partialCalculate a partial correlation.
MOD_summarize_modelsSummarize model coefficients
MOD_summaryConvenient summary of a 'lm' or 'glm' with analytic...
named_vectors_to_dfReshape named vectors to a data.frame.
ndimsHow many dimensions does an object have?
new_lines_adderInsert newlines into text every nth character.
object_to_stringObject to string
output_sorted_varWrite a nice sorted vector with names.
percent_cutoffFind percentage of numbers that are above given thresholds.
plusEasy character concatenation
pool_sdPooled sd
print.model_summaryCustom printing function for model_summary class
proportion_trueProportion true
pu_translateTranslate between names of units and abbreviations
read_clipboardRead data frame from clipboard
read_megaA wrapper for read.csv()
read_rvestRead rvest/xml object
remove_redundant_varsRemove redundant variables
rescaleRescale numbers
restore_NAsRestore NAs in vector
retry_while_errorRetry while error
reverse_scaleReverse a scale
score_accuracyScore accuracy of estimates.
score_itemsScore multiple choice items
semi_parSemi-partial correlation with weights
semi_par_serialSemi-partial correlation with weights
seq_along_rowsSeq along rows
silenceSilence warnings or messages from expression via parameter.
SMD_matrixStandardized mean differences
split_every_kSplit vector every k elements
split_into_n_columnsSplit data into n columns.
stack_into_n_columnsStack data into n columns.
standardizeStandardize a vector
str_cleanClean string
str_detect2Improved str_detect
str_detect_replaceDetect and replace values with regex
str_dirnameExtract directory path from a file path.
str_filenameExtract filename from a file path.
str_filterFilter string by pattern
str_legalizeMake names legal
str_replace_multiMultiple replacement
str_to_upper_initialCapitalize initial letter
str_uniquifyMake strings unique
table2Better table
throws_errorDoes call return an error?
total_cellsCalculate total number of cells in an object
try_browseBrowse on error
try_elseTry and fail with a default value
unduplicateRemove duplicate elements
update_packageUpdates the package from Github
v_to_dfVector to data frame
which_max2Generalized which.max(). Returns the index of the cell or...
which_min2Generalized which.min(). Returns the index of the cell or...
winsoriseWinsorise numbers
write_clipboardWrite object to clipboard data frame to clipboard
write_clipboard.matrixWrite matrix to clipboard
write_clipboard.model_summaryWrite model summary to clipboard
write_megaA wrapper for write.csv()
write_rvestWrite rvest/xml object
write_sessioninfoWrite session information to a file.
wtd_meanCalculate a weighted mean
wtd_medianWeighted median
wtd_quantileWeighted quantile
wtd_sdCalculate weighted standard deviation
wtd_sumCalculate a weighted sum
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