Man pages for DongyueXie/scca
Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis - Intergrated Methods

AGdataAssociation study for American Gut project
arcovGenerate autoregressive cov matrix
bic.ccaBIC functions for CCA
cancor2Return cca correlation
cca.corRe-estimate the canonical correlaiton
elnet.ccaElastic net cca
elnet.cca.rocROC curve, elnet
elnet.cca.simuSimulation for elastic net cca
finalsSummary of simulation results
GenStrucData_Count_latentGenerate count data
GenStrucData_Count_normalGenerate count data
GenStrucData_NormalGenerate normal data using latent variable model
GenStrucData_Normal_misGenerate normal data, misspecification
GenStrucData_Normal_othGenerate normal data, orthogonal direction
GenStrucMatFunction to generate structure matrix using ape tree object
gsccaImplement gscca model
gscca.bicgscca model selection using bic
gscca.permutePermutation Test
gscca.rocROC curve, gscca
gscca.simuSimulation for gscca
gscca.simu.normalSimulation for gscca
helloHello, World!
KFoldKFold CV Index
Make_edgeGenerate edges given tips
moavMoving average
normalizeNormalize a random variable
roc.simuSimulate the ROC
s0ccaConduct s0cca
s0cca.finalFinal s0cca model calculation
s0cca.rocROC curve, s0cca
s0cca_simuSimulation function for s0cca
s0cca.threshCV function for s0cca
s1cca_rocROC curve, s1cca
s1cca_simuSimulation for s1cca
sqrt.matCalculate Matrix^(-1/2)
StrucMatGenerate Structure Matrix in gscca
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