Man pages for DoseResponse/drc
Analysis of Dose-Response Data

anova.drcANOVA for dose-response model fits
ARAsymptotic regression model
backfitCalculation of backfit values from a fitted dose-response...
baro5The modified baro5 function
BCThe Brain-Cousens hormesis models
boxcox.drcTransform-both-sides Box-Cox transformation
braincousensThe Brain-Cousens hormesis models
bread.drcBread and meat for the sandwich
cedergreenThe Cedergreen-Ritz-Streibig model
CIcompXCalculation of combination index for binary mixtures
coef.drcExtract Model Coefficients
compedComparison of effective dose values
compParmComparison of parameters
confint.drcConfidence Intervals for model parameters
CRS.4aThe Cedergreen-Ritz-Streibig model
CRS.5aCedergreen-Ritz-Streibig dose-reponse model for describing...
drmFitting dose-response models
drmcSets control arguments
EDcompComparison of relative potencies between dose-response curves
ED.drcEstimating effective doses
EXDExponential decay model
fitted.drcExtract fitted values from model
fplogisticFractional polynomial-logistic dose-response models
gammadrGamma dose-response model
gaussianNormal and log-normal biphasic dose-response models
getInitialShowing starting values used
getMeanFunctionsDisplay available dose-response models
gompertzMean function for the Gompertz dose-response or growth curve
gompertzdThe derivative of the Gompertz function
hatvalues.drcModel diagnostics for nonlinear dose-response models
isoboleCreating isobolograms
lin.testLack-of-fit test for the mean structure based on cumulated...
LL.2The two-parameter log-logistic function
LL.3The three-parameter log-logistic function
LL.4The four-parameter log-logistic function
LL.5The five-parameter log-logistic function
llogisticThe log-logistic function
lnormalLog-normal dose-response model
logisticThe logistic model
logLik.drcExtracting the log likelihood
maEDEstimation of ED values using model-averaging
MAXMaximum mean response
mixtureFitting binary mixture models
MMMichaelis-Menten model
modelFitAssessing the model fit
mr.testMizon-Richard test for dose-response models
mselectDose-response model selection
multi2Multistage dose-response model with quadratic terms
NECDose-response model for estimation of no effect concentration...
neill.testNeill's lack-of-fit test for dose-response models
noEffectTesting if there is a dose effect at all
plot.drcPlotting fitted dose-response curves
PRExpected or predicted response
print.drcPrinting key features
print.summary.drcPrinting summary of non-linear model fits
rdrmSimulating a dose-response curve
residuals.drcExtracting residuals from the fitted dose-response model
searchdrcSearching through a range of initial parameter values to...
simDRSimulating ED values under various scenarios
summary.drcSummarising non-linear model fits
twophaseTwo-phase dose-response model
update.drcUpdating and re-fitting a model
ursaModel function for the universal response surface approach...
vcov.drcCalculating variance-covariance matrix for objects of class...
W2The two-parameter Weibull functions
W3The three-parameter Weibull functions
W4The four-parameter Weibull functions
weibull1Weibull model functions
yieldLossCalculating yield loss parameters
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