Man pages for ELELAB/lipidQ
Lipidomics Analysis Tool

checkColnamesCheck Column Names
compactOutput_pmolCalcMake Compact Output Containing Pico Mol Calculations
filterDataSetFilter Data set
filterReplicatesFilter Replicates
makeColnamesMake column names
makeDatabaseMake Database
makeFinalOutputMake Final Output
makeIndex_OH_DB_CCreation of OH Index, DB Index and C-chain Index
mergeDataSetsMerge Data Sets
merge_endo_and_ISTD_dbMerge Endogene and ISTD Database
mergeFinalOutputsMerge Final Outputs
plotHeatmapPlot Heatmap
plotPCAPlot Heatmap
plotQC_ISTDpicomol Calculation
plotQC_totalLipidspicomol Calculation
pmolCalcpicomol Calculation
readFileRead File
rmSpaceInBeginningRemove Space In Beginning of NAME and SPECIE Rows
runLipidQLipidomics Analysis Tool Graphical User Interface
sort_isSort Internal Standards
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