UofR STT 218: Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

The package takes all of the functions that Dr. Ciminelli has created for the purposes of STT 218, and concatenates them into a single package. Rather than download and source in all of the files separately, they are now all included in a single, easy to install, package. Included herein are the following (subject to increase as new functions are introduced in class): Linear trend, relative risk, odds ratios, and local odds ratios. Additionally, all required packages for the course are installed and loaded along with URStat218. The included packages are: stats, reshape, ggplot2, pROC, vcdExtra, nnet, MASS, ResourceSelection, BradleyTerry2, and irr. Though all of these packages are loaded, some may go unused in either large portions, or their entirety.


You can install URStat218 from GitHub with the following code in R or RStudio:


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