Man pages for EU-ECDC/EpiReport
Epidemiological Report

AERparamsDataset describing the parameters for the epidemiological...
cleanECDCTableCleaning the final table
cleanMeasureCodeClean the MeasureCode variable
filterDiseaseFilter disease parameters
getAERGet full disease-specific epidemiological report
getAgeGenderGet disease-specific age and gender bar graph
getMapGet disease-specific map: distribution of cases by Member...
getSeasonGet disease-specific seasonality graph: distribution of cases...
getTableByMSGet disease-specific table: distribution of cases by Member...
getTemplateGet epidemiological report (empty) template
getTrendGet disease-specific trend plot: trend and number of cases by...
includemapIncluding PNG map in the 'Microsoft Word' template
MSCodeDataset correspondence table between country names and...
orderQuasinumOrder 'quasinumerical' categorical vectors (increasing order)
plotAgeAge bar graph
plotAgeGenderAge and Gender bar graph
plotSeasonalitySeasonality line graph
plotTS12MAvgTime series with 12-month moving average
previewMapPreviewing the PNG map
SALM2016Dataset including Salmonellosis data for 2012-2016
shapeECDCFlexTableShaping the final table (layout, title, color, font)
toCapTitleCapitalise first letter
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