Man pages for EarthSystemDiagnostics/paleospec
Spectral tools for the ECUS group

AddConfIntervalAdd confidence intervals to a spectrum
AnPowerlawA PSD(freq) for a powerlaw with variance 1
ApplyFilterApply a filter to a timeseries
ApproxNearestapproximate a timeseries using the nearest neighbour
AvgToBinAverage a vector into bins
Bandpasscalculate weights for a bandpass filter
ClosestElementGet closest element of a vector
ColTransparentModify a color to get brighter and tranparent for the...
ConfRatioConfidence Interval of ratios
ConfVarProvide ChiSquared confidence intervals for ratios
FirstElementfirst element of a vector
GetTransferFunctionDerives and plots the transfer function (given a filter)
GetVarFromSpectraVariance estimate by integrating a part of the spectrum
Highpasscalculate weights for a bandpass filter
InverseFilterConstruct the inverse filter in the time domain
LastElementlast element of a vector
LLinesAdd a spectrum to an existing log-log spectral plot.
LogSmoothSmoothes the spectrum using a log smoother
LowpassCalculate weights for lowpass filter
LPlotLog-log spectral plot.
MakeEquidistantAverage an irregular timeseries to a regular timeseries
MeanSpectrumaverage spectra with weighting
MonthlyFromDailyBin daily values to monthly values
PSP.CorAfterRollmeanNumerical correlation of random timeseries with different...
PSP.CorUntilFlowpass filtered expected correlation of powerlaw signal pair
PS.VarUntilFVariance of a powerlaw process if integrated from until...
SimFromEmpiricalSpecSimulate a random timeseries consistent with an arbitrary...
SimPowerlawSimulate a random timeseries with a powerlaw spectrum
SimPowerlawPiecewiseSimulate a timeseries with length N which has a spectra...
SimulatePowerlawSignalPairCreate a pair of random signals with powerlaw signal and...
SlopeFitFit a power-law to the spectrum
SpecInterpolateInterpolates the spectrum spec to the specRef frequency...
SpecMeanMean spectrum from of a list of spectra
SpecMTMMTM spectral estimator
SubsampleTimeseriesBlockSubsample (downsample) timeseries using block averaging#'
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