Man pages for EarthSystemDiagnostics/psem
Proxy Spectral Error Model

AmpFromLocationGet amplitude of seasonal cycle from location
asincAliased sinc function
ClimPowerFunctionPower function for climate
ErrDiff2TimeSlicesEstimate the error on the difference between two time-slices
ExpectedCorrelationExpected correlation between replicate proxy records and...
GetNuGet the discrete frequencies of the power spectrum of a...
GetProxyErrorGet error from proxy.error.var object
GetSpecParsCreate list of required parameters for ProxyErrorSpectrum
IntegrateErrorSpectraIntegrate Error Spectra
ModelSpectrumCreate a model SST spectrum based on the observed spectra and...
OrbitalErrorGet the orbital error components
OrderStagesOrder the stages/components of the error
PlotModelSpectrumPlot a spliced empirical / power-law climate spectrum
plot.proxy.error.specPlot method for error spec
PlotSpecErrorPlot a proxy error spectrum
PlotTSDVariancePlot Time-scale Dependent Variance Object.
ProxyErrorSpectrumPower Spectral Density of the Error in a Sediment Archived...
psempsem: Proxy Spectral Error Model
RelativeAmplitudeModulationReturn the fraction of the orbital variations in the seasonal...
reverselog_transTransform axis to reversed log scale
rhoCIConfidence interval of a correlation coefficient
S_EGet error components for stochastic climate signal
sincNormalized sinc function
SmoothIrregularRegularise and smooth an irregular timeseries.
SortForFFTSort a power spectrum into the correct order for fft(.,...
VarSineVariance of a Sine wave
WhiteNoiseGet spectrum of white noise error components
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