Man pages for Echisholm21/adp
ADCP Processing

adjustDepthsAdjust Bin Depths if in processing you have inserted pressure...
adpCombineADCP Combine
adpFlagADCP processing Step 3.5
adpNCNetCDF creation from adp object
applyMagneticDeclinationAdpADCP Processing step 3.2 metadata from netCDF
exportPLExport processing log from adp object to be included in...
insertInstInsert Pressure from alternate instrument
limit_depthbyrmaxADCP Processing step 3.3 Limit depth by rmax
limit_depthbytimelimit depth by time
limit_timeADCP Processing step 3.4
name.fileFile naming format
oceNc_createADCP Processing step 4.1
odf2adpADCP Processing ODF to NetCDF
plotBinBin by bin plot
plot_eiPlot echo intensity
read.adp.easyADCP Processing step 2.0
read.metaADCP process step 2.1
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