Man pages for EhrmannS/rasterTools
Obtain and process earth observation data

catalogBuild a look-up-table (catalog)
doyToDateTranslate 'day of the year' to a date
mAdjacencyAdjacency of cells
mAreaArea of objects
measureMeasure gridded objects
meta_clcMetadata of the Corine Land Cover dataset
meta_eftaMetadata of the EFTA datasets
meta_emmaMetadata of the EMMA datasets
meta_esalcMetadata of the ESA CCI land-cover datasets
meta_modisMetadata of the MODIS datasets
mMetricMetric distribution
mNumberNumber of objects
modifyModify gridded objects
mPerimeterEdge length
mValuesCell value distribution
obtainObtain spatial datasets
oCLCObtain Corine Land Cover data
oEFTAObtain data from the European Atlas of Forest Tree Species
oEMMAObtain data from the Atlas of European Mammals.
oESALCObtain global ESA CCI land-cover data
oGFCObtain Global Forest Change data
oMODISObtain MODIS data
oWCLIMObtain global climate data
projsProjections which are in use in lomm
rasterToolsrasterTools: obtain and process earth observation data
rBinariseBinarise the values in a raster
rBlendBlend two rasters with each other
rBoundedSelect cells with values between an upper and lower threshold...
rCategoriseAssign categories to the values in a raster
rCentroidDetermine the centroid of patches in a raster
rDilateMorphologically dilate foreground patches in a raster
rDistanceCalculate the distance map for a raster
referenceList of references
ref_modisReferences of the MODIS dataset
rErodeMorphologically erode foreground patches in a raster
rFillNAFill NA values in a raster
rGreaterSelect cells with values above a threshold in a raster
rLessSelect cells with values below a threshold in a raster
rMaskSelect cells of a raster based on a mask
rMatchMatch cells of a raster with a kernel
rMorphMorphologically modify a raster
rOffsetOffset the values in a raster.
rPatchesDetermine foreground patches in a raster
rPermuteApply a permutation to the cell values of a raster
rRangeRescale the range of values of a raster
rReduceCombine a raster stack after segregation
rRescaleChange the resolution of a raster
rSegregateSegregate values in a raster into layers
rSkeletoniseDetermine the skeleton of foreground patches in a raster
rSubstituteSubstitute values in a raster
rtGeomsTwo example Geoms
rtKernelsA set of 2D kernels
rtMD5MD5 checksums
rtPaletteCreate non-linear palettes
rtPathsDataset paths
rtRastersAn example raster stack
scaleMatScale values
setPathsManage the internal paths of rasterTools
tiles_emmaTiles of the EMMA dataset
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