Man pages for EliGurarie/smoove
Simulation and Estimation of Correlated Velocity Movement (CVM) Models

estimatePhasesObtain multi-state RACVM estimates
estimateRACVMEstimate RACVM parameters
estimateUCVMEstimating parameters of unbiased CVM
findCandidateChangePointsFind Candidate Change Points
findSingleBreakPointFind single change point
getCov.vzVar-Cov block of 1-D V and Z
getcov.zzObtain 1D complete S.zz matrix
getCPtableCVM change point model selection table
getPhaseParameterObtain and Plot Estimates From RACVM Partition
getSigma.VZObtain 1D complete VV-VZ-ZZ or ZZ covariance matrix
getV.splineGet splined velocity estimates
partitionRACVMObtain multi-state RACVM estimates
plotPhaseParameterPlot Estimates From RACVM Partition
plot_trackPlot Track
plotWindowSweepPlot Window Sweep
scan_trackScan Track (enhanced plotting with time)
simulateRACVMRotational/Advective Correlated velocity movement
simulateUCVMCorrelated velocity movement: OU Simulation
simulateUCVM.exactCorrelated velocity movement: Exact Updating
strip.modelA function to strip model fits of all but coefficient...
summarizePhasesSummarize phases
testCPTest RACVM change point
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