Man pages for ElliottMess/koboloadeRlight
Data crunching light for kobo forms

col_typeCheck the type of question
is_decimalCheck that question is decimal as definied by XLSform
is_selectmultipleCheck that question is select_multiple as definied by XLSform
is_selectmultiple_choicesCheck that question is is_selectmultiple_choices as definied...
is_selectoneCheck that question is is_selectone as definied by XLSform
kobo_all_formsReturns a dataframe with all forms available for the user
kobo_bar_multi_indivGenerate bar Chart for select_multiple question
kobo_bar_one_indivGenerate bar Chart for select_one questions
kobo_crunchingPick and run analysis function for question type.
kobo_crunching_allCrunch all questions in the dictionnary
kobo_dataDownload data from the platform
kobo_dicoData dictionnary
kobo_formDownload form from the platform
kobo_histo_indivGenerate histograme for individual integer questions
kobo_labelLabel Variable
koboloadeRlight-packagekoboloadeRlight: Data crunching light for kobo forms
kobo_to_xlsformGenerate xlsfrom skeleton from a dataframe
kobo_xlsform_relabelRelabel XLSform based on an original dataframe
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