Man pages for EricArcher/PAMsbuoy
Manipulation and filtering for PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) data collected from sonobuoys

applyCalibrationApply Bearing Calibration
applyDriftApply Drift Calibration
buoyPositionBuoy Position
calculateOffsetCalculate Bearing Offset
calibrateStationsCalibrate Sonobuoy Stations
checkCalibrationsCheck Buoy Calibrations
createSummaryReportCreate a Summary Report for a List of Stations
detectionSummaryCreate a Summary Dataframe of All Species Detections
driftCalibrationEstimate Sonobuoy Drift Rate and Direction
estimatePositionEstimate Position
fixDatelineFix Longitude Data Across the Dateline
formatStationFormat Station Data
getMapGet a Map of Appropriate Size
labelDetectionLabel Detections
loadDBLoad DIFAR database
loadStationsLoad Multiple Stations
mapDetectionsCreate a Map Showing Numbers of Detections
mapStationsCreate a Summary Map of All Sonobuoy Stations
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