Man pages for Eucrow/sapmuebase
Base utils to use in SAP MUE

addInfluenceAreaVariablefunction to create a influence area variable from the...
areas_influenciaList of influence areas
arteList of gears
caladero_origenFishing ground - Origin
catchesPercentileUPCreate dataset with catches percentile for every species.
checkAllFormatVariablesFunction to check all the variables format of a dataframe...
checkFormatVariableFunction to check the correct format of a variable of a...
checkStructureFileCheck the correct structure file of tallas_x_up SIRENO...
convertSNtoLogicalConvert logical varible in spanish (S/N) to logical...
especies_mezclaMixed species
especies_no_mezclaNon mixed species
especies_sexadasSexed species
estrato_rimList of ESTRATO_RIM available
estratorim_arteESTRATO_RIM - Gear
estratorim_origenESTRATO_RIM - Origin
exportCsvSAPMUEBASEexport csv with SAPMUE format
exportListToCsvExport to csv a list of dataframes
exportListToXlsxExport to xlsx a list of dataframes
fixReportSirenoFilesFix erroneus format of the reports from SIRENO in the...
formato_variablesVariables format
formatVariableTypesFormat the variables of a dataframe obtained by the RIM and...
getVariableTypesGet the variable types of the RIM and OAB files downloaded...
humanizefunction to create new description columns from encoded...
humanizeVariableHumanize variable Add new column with the description of a...
importCsvSAPMUEimport csv with usually format used in SAPMUE
importIPDFileImport IPD file
importOABAccidentalsImport the Litter file from OAB report
importOABCatchesImport the Catches file from OAB report
importOABFilesImport OAB reports from SIRENO.
importOABHaulsImport the Hauls file from OAB report
importOABLengthsImport the Lengths file from OAB report
importOABLitterImport the Litter file from OAB report
importOABTripsImport the Trips file from OAB report
importRIMCatchesImport the 'Catches' file from 'tallas por up' report
importRIMCatchesInLengthsImport the 'Catches in Lengths' file from 'tallas por up'...
importRIMFilesImport 'muestreos tallas por up'
importRIMLengthsImport the Lenghts file from 'tallas por up' report
maestro_categoriasCategories in SIRENO
maestro_flota_sirenoFleet in SIRENO
metier_caladero_dcfRelation between METIER_DCF and CALADERO_DCF
origenFishing origin of the samples
p97_capturas_historicoHistorical percentile 97 range by species.
p99_capturas_historicoHistorical percentile 99 range by species.
procedenciaSampling institution
rango_tallas_historico_caladeroHistorical size range by species and fishing ground.
relacion_variablesTo improve legibility, some field names from the reports...
separateDataframeByInfluenceAreaSeparate a dataframe by influence area
split_lineSplit a line read by the function fix_import_files. Used in...
tipo_mueType of sample
variables_to_humanizeVariables to humanize
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