Man pages for EvgenyPetrovsky/synthezator
Generate synthetic data

applyCondApply evaluation condition to result
castValueConvert value into specific data-type
demo_rulesRules for data generation
demo_setsLists of Values for data generation
emptyRulesEmpty rules
evaluateEvaluate result of expression
generateAttrGenerate values
makeSetsFromDFVector of set names and vector of set values into list of set...
nest_dfBreak data frasme into list of data-frasmes with data grouped...
processAttrProcess rules for attribute generation
processRulesProcess all rules
processTableProcess rules for specific table
randomRandom number generator
reduceCountReduce number of generated elements down to number of...
reduceLengthReduce length of value according to specification
validateSignValidate and adjust sign of a number
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