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The tRNAdb and mttRNAdb (Jühling et al. 2009) is a compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes. It is a follow up version of the database of Sprinzl et al. 2005.

Using 'tRNAdbImport' the tRNAdb can be accessed as outlined on the website []( and the results are returned as a 'GRanges' object.


Please refer to the tRNAdbImport vignette for an example how to work and use the package: tRNAdbImport


Felix G M Ernst [aut]


Jühling F, Mörl M, Hartmann RK, Sprinzl M, Stadler PF, Pütz J. 2009. "tRNAdb 2009: compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes." Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 37 (suppl_1): D159–162. doi:10.1093/nar/gkn772.

See Also

[import.tRNAdb()] for examples

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