delta_habitat: Delta Habitat Area

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A dataset containing the area of highly suitable habitat within the North and South Deltas




dataframe with 372 rows and 3 variables


modeled results for 1980-2010

North Delta

high quality habitat area in square meters

South Delta

high quality habitat area in square meters


Habitat estimates from NOAA NMFS Winter Run Life Cycle Model. The model outputs habitat area estimates for months December-May. Habitat for months June-Novemeber are represented by the yearly average habitat.

High quality habitat defined by:

Channel type: mainstem, distributaries, or open water

Depth: > 0.2 m and <= 1.5 m

Cover Vegetated edge


Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation (CVFED) HEC-RAS hydraulic model refined for use in the NOAA-NMFS Winter Run Chinook Salmon life cycle model

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