Man pages for GRousselet/rogme
Robust Graphical Methods For Group Comparisons

add_sf_labAdd difference labels to shift function
allpdiffAll pairwise differences
allpdiff_hdpbciConfidence interval of the median of all pairwise differences
asymdhdDifference asymmetry function for two dependent groups or a...
asymhdDifference asymmetry function for two independent groups
cidCliff's delta test
cidv2P value of Cliff's delta test
ecdfCompute empirical cdf Compute the empirical cdf for data in x...
flpReaction time data from the French Lexicon Project
hdHarrell-Davis quantile estimator
hdpbciBootstrap confidence interval of the qth quantile
hdseqCompute quantiles
hsfHierarchical shift function for one group, two dependent...
hsf_pbPercentile bootstrap hierarchical shift function for one...
ksCompute the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test statistic
kssigCompute significance level of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test...
kstiesigCompute significance level of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test...
kswsigCompute significance level of the weighted Kolmogorov-Smirnov...
mkt1Make tibble (data frame) for one group
mkt2Make tibble (data frame) for two groups
onsetsERP onsets from 120 participants
onsets2ERP onsets from 120 participants, 74 tested twice.
pb2genCompare two independent groups using percentile bootstrap
pdataFake data from 35 participants
plot_diff_asymPlot difference asymmetry functions
plot_hd_barsAdd bars marking quantiles to ggplot object created by...
plot_hd_ciPlot quantiles and confidence intervals
plot_hd_linksAdd bars marking quantiles + links between quantiles to...
plot_hsfPlot hierarchical shift function
plot_hsf_pbPlot percentile bootstrap hierarchical shift function
plot_hsf_pb_distPlot hierarchical shift function percentile bootstrap samples
plot_mean_barAdd bar marking the mean
plot_scat2Plot one-dimensional scatterplots for 2 groups
plot_scat2dPlot paired observations
plot_sfPlot percentile bootstrap shift function
pxgtaProportion of observations greater than a specified value
pxgtyProportion of observations in x greater than observations in...
quantiles_pbciPercentile bootstrap confidence intervals of quantiles
shiftdhdShift function for two dependent groups (pbse methods)
shiftdhd_pbciShift function for two depend groups (pbci method)
shifthdShift function for two independent groups (pbse method)
shifthd_pbciShift function for two independent groups (pbci method)
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