Man pages for GastonMauroDiaz/caiman
Canopy Image Analysis

Angle-classAn S4 class to represent angle values.
asAngleConvert numeric to an Angle.
autoThrBinarize images with an automatic threshold.
AzimuthImage-classAn S4 class to represent azimuth angles as an image.
bearingSet or get the bearing slot.
bgInterpol2Background interpolation
bgModelBackground modelling
BinImage-classAn S4 class to store binarized images.
calcDiameterCalculate diameter corresponding to a circular fisheye...
calcExposureCalculate exposure
calcRCalculate relative radius.
CanopyPhoto-classAn S4 class to store vegetal canopy photographs.
cloneSlotsCopy some slots between CanopyPhoto objects.
colorfulnessQuantify the colorfulness of an image.
datetimeSet or get the datetime slot.
doMaskDo a mask for hemispherical photographs given angle...
doOBIADo an Object-based image analysis to classify gaps.
doPolarQtreeQuad-tree segmentation in a polar space.
elevationSet or get the elevation slot.
enhanceHPEnhance upward looking hemispherical photographs.
equipmentSet or get the equipment slot.
expandFullframeExpand full frame hemispherical photographs
exposureTimeSet or get the exposureTime slot.
extractBGAssist the user to manually select pixels that only represent...
extractBgbExtract background brightness
extractFeaturesExtract object features.
findOTRsFind optimal threholding range
fisheyeSet or get the fisheye slot.
FishEye-classAn S4 class to represent the metadata related with fisheye...
fNumberSet or get the fNumber slot.
fuzzyLightnessCompute a weighted membership value to lightness.
geoLocationSet or get the geoLocation slot.
getBgbfunGet a function to estimate the background brightness
getECMfunGet the function for EC method
getFeatureImageGet an image that stores object features.
getHourGet hour of a day from datetime character
getMinGet the extreme values.
getNumberOfPixelsGet the number of pixels per segment
isoSpeedSet or get the isoSpeed slot.
lensPolyCoefGenerate a LensPolyCoef.
LensPolyCoef-classAn S4 class to represent coefficients that models lens...
loadPhotoLoad a photograph from a file.
makeAimageGenerate an AzimuthImage.
makePolarGridMake a grid of segments.
makePolarSectorsSlice the polar space in sectors
makeRimageGenerate a RelativeRadiusImage.
makeRingsMake rings.
makeZimageGenerate a ZenithImage.
membership2colorCompute the membership value to a color.
newFishEyeGenerate a new FishEye.
normalizeNormalize data in the range '0' to '1'.
outOfDRGet the percentages of pixels that are out of the dynamic...
PolarSegmentation-classAn S4 class to store polar segmentations.
presetThrBinarize images with a preset threshold.
RelativeRadiusImage-classAn S4 class to represent Relative Radius as an image.
rotAzimRotate Azimuth
rtitleSet or get the title of a Raster*.
slopeSet or get the slope slot.
sRGB2LABConvert sRGB to LAB.
switchUnitSwitch the unit of an Angle.
ZenithImage-classAn S4 class to represent zenith angles as an image.
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