Man pages for Giappo/jappe

check_jobsCheck jobs on cluster
close_jobsClose jobs on cluster
close_sessionClose session
create_empty_phyloCreate an empty phylogeny
create_singleton_phyloCreate an empty phylogeny
default_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
file_pathLike file.path, but cooler
get_cluster_addressGet peregrine cluster address
install_richelReceive the word of our lord JC directly on your PC
is_on_ciDetect if it is called on continous integration
is_session_openCheck if session is open
my_try_catchA better try catch
nee_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
one_minus_pt1 - Pt
one_minus_ut1 - ut
open_rlibraryOpen R library
open_sessionOpen session
pars_transform_backTransform parameters back
pars_transform_forwardTransform parameters
pn_barPn accounting for extinctions after the shifts
print_from_globalPrint a variable, but not from test environment
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