Man pages for HCBravoLab/scTreeViz
R/Bioconductor package to interactively explore and visualize single cell RNA-seq datasets with hierarhical annotations

ClusterHierarchyCreates a new ClusterHierarchy object.
ClusterHierarchy-classClusterHierarchy class to manage treeviz cluster data
createFromSCECreates a 'TreeViz" object from 'SingleCellExperiment'....
createFromSeuratCreates a 'TreeViz' object from 'Seurat'
createTreeVizCreates 'TreeViz' object from hierarchy and count matrix
dot-generate_hierarchy_treegenerate hierarchy tree
dot-generate_leaf_of_tablegenerate leaf of table
dot-generate_node_idsgenerate node ids in the tree
dot-generate_nodes_tablegenerate nodes table tree
dot-replaceNAFeaturesreplace if there are NA's in the hierarchy
EpivizTreeData-classData container for MRexperiment objects
set_gene_listSets gene list for visualization
startTreevizStart treeviz app and create 'TreeVizApp' object to manage...
TreeIndexcreate a new TreeIndex object
TreeIndex-classTreeIndex class to manage and query hierarchical data
TreeIndex-methodsSubset TreeIndex
TreeVizThe TreeViz class.
TreeVizApp-classClass managing connection to metaviz application.
TreeViz-classTreeViz class wrapper for SummarizedExperiment objects
TreeViz-methodsshow object
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