Man pages for HIDDA/forecasting
Forecasting Based on Surveillance Data

CHILISwiss Surveillance Data on Influenza Like Illness, 2000-2016
dhhh4sims'hhh4'-Based Forecast Distributions
dnbmixSimulation-Based Forecast Distributions
logs_hhh4simsSimulation-Based Logarithmic Score Using 'dhhh4sims'
logs_nbmixSimulation-Based Logarithmic Score Via 'dnbmix'
osaplotPlot (One-Step-Ahead) Forecasts with Scores
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scores_lnormProper Scoring Rules for Log-Normal Forecasts
scores_sampleProper Scoring Rules based on Simulations
update.ArimaRefit an ARIMA Model on a Subset of the Time Series
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