Man pages for HangRuan1912/phyExp
the R package for analyzing expression evolution based on RNA-seq data

aeeGenerate an inversed variance matrix from expression profile...
boot.exphyBootstrapping expression phylogeny
corrMatInvGenerate an inversed correlation matrix between expression...
deltaEstimating delta values from a distance matrix.
distancesInternal functions for estimating pair-wise expression...
estomegaEstimation of over-dispersion parameter omega
estomega.sampleInternal function for omega estimation in bootstrapping
estParaGammaEstimation of parameters of selection strength Gamma...
estParaQEstimation of parameter Q from expression table
estParaWBayesianBayesian estimation of expression conservation from previous...
estVarCovExpression variance-covariance matrix
expdistExpression distance matrix generated from a taxaExp class
exptabTEExpression level table from a taxaExp class
gammaEstimating gamma from taxaExp objects.
genefiltersFilters for subsetting orthologous genes
mapMap the expression distance onto a given tree topology
no0brNo zero branch length
primatexptaxaExp object created from expression data of primate...
print.taxaExpConsice display of a taxaExp object
print.taxonExpConcise display of a taxonExp object
TEconstructConstruct a taxaExp object.
tetraexptaxaExp object created from expression data
TreeExp-packagethe TreeExp package for phylogenetic analysis of expression...
treesspecies trees and ultrametric time trees
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