Man pages for ICPI/ICPIutilities
Utility functions for working with or creating ICPI products

add_colorAdd ICPI colors as Vector
add_cumulativeAdd cumulative value for current FY
calc_achievementCalculate Achievement
calc_genpopCalculate General Population PEPFAR results
combine_netnewAdd NET_NEW to dataset (orginally in...
convert_oldformatConvert any old MSDs to new format
gen_netnewCreate Net New Variable
identifypdExtract lastest period of dataset
import_oldtxImport FY16Q4 data for TX_NET_NEW Calculation
inspectInvestigate MER disaggs
match_msdTransmute DATIM Genie output to match MER Structured Dataset
pipePipe operator
read_msdImport ICPI MER Structured Datasets .txt into R and covert to...
rename_msdRename MSD file when importing
rename_officialCleanup Mechanism and Partner Names to their Official Names
reshape_msdReshape Semi-Wide MSD
snapshot_indMER Snapshot indicators
split_saveExport a single dataset into multiple files by group
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