Man pages for IDPT7810/practical-data-analysis
Practical Biological Data Analysis in R/RStudio

brauer_gene_expGene expression in yeast measured by microarray
clust_matExample matrix to highlight clustering methods
esc_matsingle cell RNA-seq dataset of mouse embryonic development
missing_exSample missing data
mtcars_tblmtcars in tibble format
nci60Microarray data from the NCI-60 cancer cell line panel
pbdaPractical Biological Data Analysis in R/RStudio
qpcr_dataNames of example qPCR data
qpcr_namesExample qPCR data
tx_ratesTranscription rates for ~7000 genes measured across a...
update_pbdaUpdate pbda package using devtools
yeast_prot_propProperties of yeast proteins
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