Man pages for IQSS/IQSSdevtools
Initialize and Compile Packages Complying with IQSS Best Practices for Software Development and Sustainability

add_commit_pushAdd, commit, and push a repository
add_test_suiteInitialise test suite skeleton
build_iqss_packageBuild an IQSS Best Practices compliant package, including...
check_best_practicesCheck if a package complies with the skeleton IQSS Best...
check_doc_linksDetermine if URLs in a package's documentation are valid
clean_linksPrepares relative links for checking
get_errorError in GET call
get_file_listGathers documentation files paths into a single vector
get_html_linksParses an html document and returns a vector of all links in...
get_md_linksParse markdown files to HTML and extract URLs
get_rd_linksExtract links from Rd documentation files
init_iqss_packageInitialize a new R package skeleton using IQSS best practices
iqss_use_readme_rmdCreate README files.
iqss_use_templateUse a IQSS template
parse_fileExtract URL links from documentation files
render_templateRender IQSS template
try_linksContains code handling the determination of whether or not...
use_disqusAdd Disqus commenting integreation to a package's website...
uses_gitCheck if a package uses git version control
uses_githubCheck if a package uses github
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