Man pages for InstitutCurie/synerdrug
Analysis of drug combinations

contentGet content type
content-setSet content type
doses-setSet doses values
drugNamesGet drug names
drugNames-setSet drug names
DrugSyn-classDrugSyn class
exDrugSynDrugSyn object example
expDataGet experimental data
expData-setSet experimental data
hillHill function
isobologramPlot an isobologram
loeweCompute the predicted effect under Loewe model
makeDrugSynCreate DrugSyn object
parPlotPlot DrugSyn object as parallel lines
plotHeatmapPlot drugSyn object as heatmap
plotSurfacePlot drugSyn object as surface
respIndGet individual responses parameters
respInd-setSet individual responses
respPlotPlot individual drug response
revhillInverse function of Hill equation
runSynerDrugRun synerdrug shiny interface
synergyExperimental drug synergy data
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