Man pages for IoannisVardaxis/MACPET
Model based analysis for paired-end data

AnalysisStatisticsCount Statistics for ChIA-PET.
ConvertToPE_BAMConvert two BAM files into one paired-end BAM file.
ConvertToPSelfConvert GInteraction object to PSelf object
exportPeaksExports peaks to csv file
GenomeMap-classGenomeMap S4 Class
GetShortestPathFind shortest path between pairs of peaks given a set of...
GetSignInteractionsGet the significant interactions of a 'GenomeMap' object
MACPETAn R-package for binding site analysis of ChIA-PET data.
MACPET_GenomeMapData.rdaGenomic interactions from ChIA-PET data
MACPET_pinterData.rdaInter-chromosomal PETs from ChIA-PET data
MACPET_pintraData.rdaIntra-chromosomal PETs from ChIA-PET data
MACPET_pselfData.rdaSelf-ligated PETs from ChIA-PET data
MACPET_psfitData.rdaSelf-ligated PETs from ChIA-PET data
MACPETUltPaired-end Tag (PET) Analysis Function.
PeaksToGRangesConvert peaks to GRanges object
PeaksToNarrowPeakConvert Peaks to narrowPeak (BED) object.
PInter-classPInter S4 Class
PIntra-classPIntra S4 Class
plotplot methods for MACPET classes
PSelf-classPSelf S4 Class
PSFit-classPSFit S4 Class
SampleChIAPETData.bamSubset sample of ChIA-PET data
SampleChIAPETDataRead_1.bamFirst reads from a subset of ChIA-PET data in...
SampleChIAPETDataRead_2.bamSecond reads from a subset of ChIA-PET data in...
summarysummary methods for the MACPET classes.
TagsToGInteractionsConvert PETs to GInteractions object
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