Man pages for JBGruber/LexisNexisTools
Working with Files from 'LexisNexis'

lnt2bibtexConvert LNToutput to other formats
lnt_addAdds or replaces articles
lnt_asDateConvert Strings to dates
lnt_convertConvert LNToutput to other formats
lnt_diffDisplay diff of similar articles
lnt_lookupLookup keywords in articles
LNToutputAn S4 class to store the three data.frames created with...
LNToutput_methodsMethods for LNToutput output objects
lnt_readRead in a LexisNexis file
lnt_renameAssign proper names to LexisNexis files
lnt_sampleProvides a small sample TXT/DOCX file
lnt_similarityCheck for highly similar articles.
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