LNToutput: An S4 class to store the three data.frames created with...

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This S4 class stores the output from lnt_read. Just like a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets, an LNToutput object consist of three data.frames which you can select using @. This object class is intended to be an intermediate container. As it stores articles and paragraphs in two separate data.frames, nested in an S4 object, the relevant text data is stored twice in almost the same format. This has the advantage, that there is no need to use special characters, such as "\n" to indicate a new paragraph. However, it makes the files rather big when you save them directly. They should thus usually be subsetted using @ or converted to a different format using lnt_convert.



The metadata of the articles read in.


The article texts and respective IDs.


The paragraphs (if the data.frame exists) and respective article and paragraph IDs.

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