Man pages for JBrenn/mHMr
pre- and post-prossesing for mHM

chr2vecHelper for mHM_read.nml
mHM_asc2netCDFconvert ascii to netCDF.
mHM_avgarray2zooget summarized zoo object for mHM basin.
mHM_avgnetcdf2zooget summarized zoo object for mHM basin.
mHM_checkTCheck minimum and maximum air temperature for consistency in...
mHM_enlargeNETCDFenlarge NetCDF files
mHM_enlcutgridenlarge or cut grid
mHM_extrapolMatSimple extrapolation of 1D-arrays in invalid/border...
mHM_extrapolNetCDFSimple extrapolation of netCDF in invalid/border locations.
mHM_formatASCReformat ASCII file.
mHM_getDateTimeget date(time) object from netCDF.
mHM_getnetCDFvarnamesRetrieve netCDF variable names.
mHM_GOF4periodCalculate GOFs for time intervals.
mHM_maskNCvarmask array.
mHM_maskRasterMask raster maps with same projection and extent.
mHM_matchgridmatch grids
mHM_plotQ_dPlot daily river flow.
mHM_plotQmulti_dPlot daily river flow of multiple simulations.
mhm_plotTSaggrplot comparing obs and sim for single var.
mHM_prepdailyQPrepare daily river flow files for mHM.
mHM_prolongRintimeprolonge netCDF climatology
mhm_read_ddsresultsRead best GOF DDS.
mHM_readNCvarread netCDF variable.
mHM_readNCvar2zooread netCDF variable to zoo.
mHM_readnmlRead mHM simulation namelist.
mhm_read_paramsetRead best parameter set.
mHM_readQRead mHM discharge data in zoo object.
mhm_read_sceresultsRead best GOF SCE
mHM_recalcAlphaBack-calculate $alpha$.
mHM_reclassintReclassify raster with lookuptable.
mHM_resamplencresample netCDF
mHM_ts2existNCimpute timeseries in netCDF (at site).
mHM_ts2netCDFpoint calib/valid ts data to netCDF.
mHM_vargetmultiget multiple variables from netCDF.
mHM_writeHeaderWrite mHM header file.
Qout_mHMDischarge time series output from mHM
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