Man pages for JGCRI/iamrpt
Convert GCAM results to the format required by various IAM experiment databases

AGGFNTBLTable of allowable aggregation functions
aggregateAggregate a table by specified keys
alternate_filenameGenerate an alternate file name, if input name is already in...
canonicalFormConvert a variable name to canonical form
clampClamp a vector of values to a specified range.
complete_iiasa_templateComplete a table from an IIASA template
compspltSplit composite units
dofilterApply a filter string to a table
extractunitDetermine which unit in a list a string matches
filterFilter an output variable
filterfnsList of available filter functions
filterpatternRegexp for matching '(arg1; arg2; arg3)'
gcamrpt-packageConvert GCAM output to the format used by public IAM...
generateGenerate a report for a GCAM experiment
getaggfnLook up an aggregation function by name.
GETQToken indicating get-queries mode for 'runModule' family of...
ghg_emissions_by_gwpHelper for GHG Emissions Data Module
groupSectorsGroup water use sectors into categories
iiasafyConvert a list of tables to a single table in IIASA format
iiasa_sortcolsPut columns in canonical order for IIASA data format
listVariablesList the variables that the system knows how to generate
merge_scenariosMerge tables for multiple scenarios into a single scenario
module.biomass_consumptionBiomass Consumption Data Module
module.biomass_productionBiomass Production Data Module
module.co2_emissionsCO2 emissions Data Module
module.co2_emissions_end_useCO2 emissions by end-use sector Data Module
module.crop_productionCrop Production Data Module
module.electricityElectricity Data Module
module.final_energy_sector_fuelFinal Energy by Sector and Fuel Data Module
module.food_consumptionCrop Consumption Data Module
module.gdp_mer_GDP MER Data Module
module.ghg_emissions_ar4GHG Emissions Data Module
module.ghg_emissions_ar5GHG Emissions Data Module
module.land_coverLand Allocation Data Module
module.pcgdp_ppp_Per capita GDP PPP Data Module
module.populationPopulation Data Module
module.primary_energy_directPrimary Energy (Direct Equivalent) Data Module
module.test_funTest function for runModule
module.transportation_pm_emissionsProduce particulate matter emissions from transportation
module.water_consumptionWater Consumption Module
module.water_electricityWater Electricity Module
module.water_irrigationWater Irrigation Module
module.water_withdrawalsWater Withdrawals Module
nameparseSeparate a filename into a stem and extension.
outputOutput function for CSV format
parsecountsParse counting units (thousands, millions, etc) from strings
parseQueriesParse queries from an XML query file
parse_yrlistParse a string describing the years to include in the output
privateStorage space for package-private variables
process_scenarioRun queries and process results for a single scenario
proc_var_iiasaSelect the columns needed for the IIASA format
RUNToken indicating run mode for 'runModule' family of...
runModuleRun a data module
runQueriesRun the input list of queries against a GCAM output database.
trans_filter_svcFilter raw queries by passenger services
trans_modulesTransportation data modules
trans_standardizeStandardize transportation query dataframes
unitassertsCommon assertions on unit string inputs
unitconvCalculate unit conversion factors
unitconv_areaarea conversion
unitconv_co2co2 emissions weight conversion
unitconv_massweight conversion
unitconv_rupeeUnit conversion for USD into Rupee
unitconv_volvolume conversion
validate1Work function for validatectl
validatectlValidate the structures read in from the control files
yr2listHelper function for parse_yrlist
yrparseParse year values out of a string
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