Man pages for JVAdams/artiFISHal
A Pelagic Fish Community Simulator

AcMtEstCombine Acoustic and Midwater Trawl Survey Data
AcSmrySummarize Acoustic Survey Data
artiFISHalPelagic Fish Community Simulator
dfromxDetermine Distance to Shore from Easting
firstIdentify the First Elements of Series of Repeated Values
logit2Double Logistic Probability
MeshPassDetermine the Largest Fish that can Pass through a Net
prednodePredict Node from a Fitted rpart Object
recodeRecode Values
SampFishSurvey a Fish Population
SimFishSimulate a Fish Population
TuneSelecTune Midwater Trawl Selectivity
ViewSelecView Midwater Trawl Selectivity Curves
ViewZonesVisualize the Mesh Panel Zones of a Midwater Trawl
xfromzDetermine Easting from Bottom Depth
zfromxDetermine Bottom Depth from Easting
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