Man pages for JonasMoss/kdensity
Kernel Density Estimation with Parametric Starts and Asymmetric Kernels

add_bwAdd a new bw to 'bw_environment'.
add_kernelAdd a new kernel to 'kernels_environment'.
add_startAdd a new parametric start to 'starts_environment'.
bandwidthsBandwidth Selectors
get_bwGet bandwidth functions from string.
get_kernelHelper function that gets a kernel function for kdensity.
get_kernel_start_supportFill in missing kernel, start or support given the supplied...
get_rangeSupplies a plotting range from a kdensity object.
get_standard_bwGet a bandwidth string when 'bw' is unspecified.
get_startGet densities and estimators from strings.
kdensityParametrically guided kernel density estimation
kernelsKernel functions
listmergeMerges two lists.
mlbetaEstimates the parameter of the Beta distribution using...
mlgammaEstimates the parameter of the Gamma distribution using...
mlgumbelEstimates the parameter of a Gumbel distribution by maximum...
mlkumarEstimates the parameter of a Kumaraswamy distribution by...
mlweibullEstimates the parameter of a Weibull distribution by maximum...
parametric_startsParametric starts
plot_helperHelper function for the plot methods.
plot.kdensityPlot, Lines and Points Methods for Kernel Density Estimation
recycleRecycles arguments.
support_compatibleChecks compatibility between supports.
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