Man pages for KDallaporta/CapstoneProject

eq_clean_dataReturns a cleaned NOAA Significant Earthquakes data.frame
eq_create_labelCreate a HTML label with Location, Total Death and Magnitude...
eq_mapDisplay earthquakes on an interactive map
geom_timelinePlot a eq timeline graph with input data
GeomTimelineFunction used to draw a layer
geom_timeline_labelAdd eq timeline labels with input data
geom_timeline_label_rawDefinition of the geomTimelineLabel "function handle" For...
geom_timeline_rawDefinition of the geomTimeline "function handle" For more...
quakesNOAA Significant Earthquakes dataset
remove_NAExtract rows with valid date, EQ_PRIMARY and TOTAL_DEATHS
std_timeConvert a date element vector into a "[0-9]2" string
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