LandClimTools Build status

R-Package, created with RStudio.

Instructions for developers

Contact for R-Package LandClimTools: Klara Dolos ([email protected])

LandClim is developed and hostet at the ETH Zurich - D-USYS - ITES - Chair of Forest Ecology (Prof. H. Bugmann).

Install the package

You can download the package as zip file and compile it as any source packages. For Ubuntu you need to unzip the folder and create a tar.gz.

Alternatively, you can use the following code:



Browse functions

For a first overview see vignette/ or the corresponding html file.


There is another R-Package for LandClim users:

There is code for the use of LandClim with the Profound database and the R-package. It is also hosted on GitHub. Please contact Chr. Reyer and K. Dolos for access. With ProfoundData you can use the repos as example project.

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