Man pages for KWB-R/
R Package Implementing the Flusshygiene Application

add_average_rain_columnsAdd Average Rain Columns to Rain Data
check_database_file_identityCheck Identity of Database Files (fst versus csv)
day_strings_until_todayDay Strings from Start Day Up to Today
db_pathPath to "Database" File
download_fileDownload a File
get_available_rain_gaugesGet Information on Available Rain Gauges
get_environment_variableGet Environment Variable Giving a Hint on Missing Variables
get_model_inputCreate the Model Input List
pipePipe operator
prepare_model_inputPrepare Model Input Data Frame
prepare_rain_ruhlebenPrepare Rain and Ruhleben Data
prepare_tiefwerderPrepare Tiefwerder Data
read_bwb_fileRead BWB Rain Data File
read_flowsRead Flow Data from File
reduce_model_inputReduce Model Input to Relevant Data
set_rootSet the Root Folder of the Flusshygiene App
update_bwb_databaseDownload New Files and Update Local "Database"
update_data_and_predictUpdate Model Input Data and Predict Water Quality
update_senate_databaseDownload New Files and Update Local "Database" of Senate's...
write_input_fileWrite Data Frame to CSV File
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