Man pages for KarimOualkacha/PCH4Pedigees
Principal Components of Heritability for High Dimension Quantitative Traits and General Pedigrees

ANOVA.dataTransform pedigree data to a list format
ANOVA.estimatorsVariance components estimators
ANOVA.estimators.COVVariance components estimates in the presence of covariates
bdiagConvert a list of matrices to one block diagonal matrix
Coeff.beta.GLSGeneralized Least Squares estimators of the covaraite effects
CV.lambda.WangCross validation techniques for regularisation parameter
Data.Without.missGet Pedigree data without missing values
DESIGN.Matrix.XGet the model design matrix
Family.sizesGet family sizes from the pedigree file
kin.dataGet kinship matrix kinship matrix for missing data
PCH4GeneralPedANOVA Estimators of Principal Components of Heritability
PCH4GeneralPed-packagePCH4GeneralPed: R package for the calculation of principal...
PCH.MmentPrincipal components of heritability
Ped.with.COVsPedigree file with covariates
Ped.without.COVsPedigree file without covariates
solvebetaGeneralized eigensystem problem
Y.covGet all traits as one vector
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