Man pages for KevinSee/STADEM
Estimate escapement past a dam with a window and trap facility

addTrapRateCombine fish and trap rate data
compileGRAdataSTADEM Data Summary
extractPostExtract STADEM Posteriors
getWindowCountsCompile Window Counts
jagsInitsInitial values
plotTimeSeriesTime Series Plot
prepJAGSCompile JAGS data
queryLGRtrapDatabaseAccess Lower Granite Dam trap database
queryPITtagDataPIT tag data
queryPITtagObsPIT tag data
queryTrapRateDART reported trap rate
queryWindowCntsDART Window Counts
readLGRtrapDBLGR Trap Database
runSTADEMmodelRun JAGS model
STADEMtoSCBOISummarise STADEM output for SCOBI
summariseLGRtrapDailySummarise LGR Trap Database
summariseLGRweeklyCompile weekly data for Lower Granite dam
summarisePITdataDailySummarise PIT tag data
tagTrapRatePIT tag based trap rate
weeklyStrataGenerate weekly strata
writeJAGSmodelWrite JAGS model
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