Man pages for KopfLab/isoprocessCUBES
CUBES data processor

add_ws_with_dataadd worksheet with data
calc_d18OwCalc d18
calc_d18OwseCalc d18O
calc_D47.Temp_seCalc D47 temp se
calc_exterrCalc ext err
calc_meansCalculate means
convert_ARF.D47_to_ARF.Dennis.tempDennis Calibration in ARF ref frame, using ARF D47 values
convert_ARF.D47_to_ARF.Ghosh.tempGhosh calibration in ARF ref frame, using ARF D47 values
convert_CIT.D47_to_CIT.Ghosh.tempOriginal Ghosh calibration, using CIT reference frame values
gg_color_huefunction for ascribing a color from the wheel
helloHello, World!
isoprocessCUBES-packageisoprocessCUBES: CUBES data processor
lm_eqnlm eqn. on plots form that deals with negatives better,...
lm_poly2eqnlm poly eq on plot for just a second-order polynomial
multiplotMultiple plot function
york.conf.pred.intervalYork conf predictio interval
york_eqnplot eqns
york.regressionYork reg general form
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