Man pages for KrishnaswamyLab/phateR
PHATE - Potential of Heat-Diffusion for Affinity-Based Transition Embedding a PHATE object to a data.frame
as.matrixConvert a PHATE object to a matrix
cluster_phateKMeans on the PHATE potential Clustering on the PHATE...
ggplotConvert a PHATE object to a data.frame for ggplot
install.phateInstall PHATE Python Package
library.size.normalizePerforms L1 normalization on input data such that the sum of...
phateRun PHATE on an input data matrix
plotPlot a PHATE object in base R
printPrint a PHATE object
summarySummarize a PHATE object
tree.dataFake branching data for examples branching data for running examples fast
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