LG_bookkeeping: Keep the records up to date

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This is an internal function that works upon the spy-report from the targeted function, that should be one of the functions LG_approx_scribe, LG_boot_approx_scribe, and LG_shiny.





The result returned by spy when used on the targeted function.


This function starts out by calling LG_sanity_checks that investigates if the arguments given to the targeted function makes sense. Then it does as its name suggests, i.e. it takes care of the bookkeeping of the information stored in the info-file.


The result will be a list with either three or six components. The first component, the logic value done_before, tells us if there already has been performed (and stored in data_dir an identical computation. If this is the case, then the second component of the result, also named data_dir, will tell us the directory to find the result – whereas the third component data_files gives the files containing the results. If no similar computation has been found, then data_dir and data_files will tell LG_save where to store the results, and the result will in addition also contained an updated version of info a bookmark and the path to the info-file, in order for the parent-function to update the info-file _after_ the computation has been successfully performed and saved.

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