LG_load: Load objects into environments.

Description Usage Arguments Value

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This function loads a file into an environment, and gives the content the specified name. It's required that the file only contains one single object.


LG_load(.file, .env = parent.frame(), .name = NULL,
  .attributes_extra = NULL)



The path to the file to be loaded. An error will be returned if more than one object is contained in .file.


The environment, default parent.frame(), where the result should be added under the name given to the argument .name.


A character-string giving the name to be used for the object loaded from .file. The default value NULL will trigger the original name of the loaded object, i.e. the name it was saved under in .file.


A list containing additional attributes to be added to the loaded object. The default value NULL will skip this part.


An object named .name will be added from .file to .env, with the possible extension of attributes as given to .attributes_extra.

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