Man pages for LauraMasiero/RiemannR
RiemannR - EEG-based BCI analysis with Riemannian geometry

CreateAllSCMCreation of sample covariance matrices
emp_var_functionEmpirical variance function
exp_mapExponential mapping of SCMs
ExtractBlockExtracting a block from a SCM
extractGroupsExtracting SCMs of the same group from a list
geometric_meanComputation of SCMs' geometric mean
log_mapLogarithmic mapping of SCMs
LR_classificationBinary classification with RG ditribution
MDRMClassification of covariance matrices with MDRM.
RaoDistRiemannian Distance
RG_distrRiemann-Gauss density function
SCMSample Covariance Matrix
scm_transformSCMs transformation to use a linear SVM
SuperTrialSuper Trial
vectVectorization of covariance matrices
VectorizeSCMVectorization of SCMs
VectToMatrixCreation of a vectorized SCMs matrix
zeta_estEstimate of the normalization constant of the Riemann-Gauss...
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