Man pages for LieberInstitute/recount3
Explore and download data from the recount3 project

annotation_extObtain the file extension for a given organism and annotation
annotation_optionsList available annotation options for a given organism
available_projectsList available projects in recount3
available_samplesList available samples in recount3
compute_read_countsCompute read counts
compute_scale_factorsCompute count scaling factors
create_hubCreate UCSC track hub for BigWig files
create_rseCreate a recount3 RangedSummarizedExperiment gene or exon...
create_rse_manualInternal function for creating a recount3...
expand_sra_attributesExpand SRA attributes
file_retrieveDownload a remote file and cache it to re-use later
is_paired_endGuess whether the samples are paired end
locate_urlConstruct the URL to access a particular 'recount3' file
locate_url_annConstruct the URL to a recount3 annotation file
project_homesFind available project home options
read_countsRead a counts file
read_metadataRead the metadata files
recount3_cacheSpecify where to cache the recount3 files
recount3_cache_filesLocate recount3 cached files
recount3_cache_rmRemove recount3 cached files
recount3-packagerecount3: Explore and download data from the recount3 project
transform_countsTransform the raw counts provided by the recount3 project
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